Our History

our-historyBefore owner Trent Newville started Artisan Cabinet Company, he always had a passion for design, remodeling, and construction. His passion became his career when he started Excel Builders in 2007. Excel Builders started as a kitchen and bathroom design and remodel firm. Trent hired Wendy Mosman to join his team, and he soon realized that not only was she an excellent interior designer, but she was an impressive cabinet designer.

From this Artisan Cabinet Company was born. It was originally a side business, but the cabinets became in such high demand that it became a business of its own in 2010. Then, Christine Niven joined our team and we were so happy to have her create excellent and creative cabinet designs. Our skilled woodworkers, Kevin Rishavy and Jamie Janski, work in an advanced workshop with the best tools needed for the detailed work of custom cabinetry. They have years of experience in their craft, and they are always ready to tackle any new project.

We are always committed to creating quality cabinetry that excels in every way. We do not do “cookie-cutter” design, every one of our custom designs are unique and are specifically made for your home. Your cabinets should be designed around your lifestyle, not the other way around. We want your cabinetry to match the personality of your home. Cabinets are such an important part of your home. They can completely change the look of your room. We look forward to working with you and creating cabinets that you will love for years to come!