Bathroom Cabinet Design

bathroom-cabinet-designIn order to keep your bathroom clutter free, you need the storage space to put away all of the bottles and appliances that you do not need out. Artisan Cabinet Company offers experts bathroom cabinet design for functionality and style.

Think about all of the items that are currently in your bathroom: health products, hair products, makeup, hair styling appliances, cologne, shaving products, and cleaning supplies. Keeping it all organized and neat can be fairly challenging without the proper cabinetry. Artisan Cabinet Company makes sure that you will have the right kind of cabinetry to stow away all of these items.

Our Design Process

Our bathroom cabinet design process is very simple. Our consultants will start with your bathroom. We will consider the plans that you have for your bathroom. We have worked on both new homes and bathroom remodels. We will discuss your color scheme and the style of the cabinets themselves. Our consultants will look at the needs of your family and work with the homeowners to figure out the best design. We will look at panels, moldings, and knobs.

After the in-home consultation, we will then have a meeting in our office so that the final details of the cabinet design can be discussed. During this meeting, we will also establish a timeline for construction and installation so that we can make sure that you will meet your construction or remodel deadline.

Our consultants are happy to discuss our process with you and answer any of your questions. Artisan Cabinet Company will work with you to help you figure out the best custom bathroom cabinets for your home. Give us a call in order to begin the estimate process today.