Custom Wood Desks

Urban apartment - modern office with a wooden deskWhether you are working on completing your office or your library, Artisan Cabinet Company can help. Our custom wood desks look nice in any room. We can ensure that all of your papers and your office supplies stay organized. Many of our clients have worked with us to build the furniture in their library, so that both their custom library cabinets and their wood desk are complementary.

Our Process

We will start with an on-location consultation. We will look at your office or home and talk about your vision for your wood desk. We will discuss your needs and any special requests that you may have for your desk. During this time, we will generally be discussing any design ideas and the desk dimensions.

After the first consultation, we will then have an in-office consultation where we will discuss the final design details and any logistics, such as budget and timeline. Once the consultations are complete, we will then give the plans to our master woodworker.

Our master woodworker will construct your custom wood desk in our state-of-the-art workshop. Our woodworker is excellent at creating beautiful, highly detailed work. Discuss any carving, moldings, or panels with our consultant. We can construct wood desks exactly the way that you wish.

If you are interested in how we can help you have the custom wood desk that you have always wanted, talk with one of our consultants. We are happy to help you make your office or library look absolutely beautiful. Give Artisan Cabinet Company a call today!