Kitchen Cabinet Construction

kitchen-cabinet-construction-01When we say artisan we truly mean it. Many cabinet companies refer to themselves as “semi-custom” which means that homeowners are constrained to certain specifications, such as designs, finishes, and measurements. In the end, they are not manufactured as well as custom cabinets, and they begin to look just like cabinets that you would see in anyone else’s home. They are not custom just for your home.

Our Construction Process

Our master woodworker can help create incredibly beautiful kitchen cabinets that are personally constructed for your home. We will build cabinets according to the exact measurements of your kitchen and with the perfect wood and finishes to match your kitchen’s colors and styles. Your kitchen cabinets will be constructed in a state-of-the-art workshop with the intention of creating a kitchen that will perfectly meet your needs.

During the consultations we can discuss any unique ideas that you may have about how you wish to have your cabinets constructed. We will help you find the right hinges and shelves for your kitchen cabinets. We can also discuss any extra engineering you may wish, such as pull out shelves and concealed appliance spaces.

We understand that construction is always on a timeline. Our consultants will discuss your timeline with you to ensure that we can complete your kitchen cabinet construction according to your schedule. Our quality custom kitchen cabinets will look incredible in your home. Feel free to ask us any questions that you may have about the process. If you are interested in custom kitchen cabinets, give Artisan Cabinet Company a call today!