Laundry Room Cabinet Construction

laundry-room-cabinet-constructionSimply because the laundry room is a functional room does not mean that it cannot be beautiful. Our custom laundry room cabinets are constructed by a master woodworker who has been trained for years to create excellent cabinetry for you and your family.

Unlike other cabinet companies that have a “cut and paste” approach to cabinetry, our team will manufacture cabinets that are created personally for you and your family. We understand that your family has different needs than others. We create cabinetry exactly the way that you want it to look.

Our Construction Process

After the design consultations, we give the design plans to our master woodworker who will create custom laundry room cabinets according to your specific vision. We have a wide selection of sturdy and durable wood species. We use a number of different softwoods and hardwoods according to your desires. Our woodworker is highly skilled at creating panels, carvings and moldings that will complement your home’s style. Make sure that you also discuss any specifications that you want for your cabinetry such as pull out doors and different organizational features.

We are very proud of our high level of workmanship. Discuss our process with a consultant to see how our artisan cabinetry can help you keep your laundry room safe and organized. We know that you have so many things to store in your laundry room such as hampers, baskets, detergents, and cleaning supplies. Keep everything in your laundry room easily stored with custom cabinets from Artisan Cabinet Company.