Custom Cabinetry- Waconia


Custom Cabinetry in Waconia, MN

Do you want to have a custom cabinet built for your home in Waconia?

Artisan Cabinet Company’s custom cabinets are handcrafted with the finest materials by skilled builders who take pride in their work. We can design custom-built cabinets to match any Waconia home’s interior decor, ensuring proper storage for all your belongings while adding personalized beauty to each room of the house.

First Class Custom Cabinet Design & Building

Artisan Cabinet Company gets to know every one of our clients’ personal design preferences, and we keep in regular contact with you for the duration of our custom cabinet design and construction process. Our design process begins with a consultation inside your Waconia house to determine what you want for the look and feel of your custom cabinets. Our consultants will then measure the space we’ll be working with before helping you choose which type of cabinet would fit best. Once we’ve finished our design concept, we’ll have another meeting in our office to show you what we’ve got. If you’re happy with our design, we’ll fill you in on the budget and timeline for our custom building process.

Our woodworking masters will handcraft your custom cabinet to your specifications using our inventory of top-quality woods and paints. The custom cabinets we hand-build will look amazing in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and every other room of your house.

Once your custom cabinets are built, our specialists will bring them out to your house in Waconia and install them right where you want them. You can rest assured that our talented delivery crew will not dirty or damage your house during installation.

Magnificent Custom Cabinetry

We’re the best in custom cabinetry, with an unmatched reputation for quality. Give Artisan Cabinet Company a call today for the premier custom cabinetry services in the Waconia area!