04 May 2014

Services Of A Custom Furniture Maker: Bookcases, Desks, Bed Frames & More!

High-end custom woodworkers, such as the Artisan Cabinet Company in Chaska, Minnesota, aren’t limited to creating custom kitchen cabinets and bath vanities; they are skilled in creating many different kinds of furniture for every room of your home or office. Examples include:


Built-in or free-standing, custom bookcases are an excellent way to display any treasured collection, whether it be actual books, travel souvenirs, art pieces, or family mementos. Adding interior lighting and glass doors will also protect and highlight the contents.

Entertainment Centers

As in-home entertainment options continue to grow, consider having a custom entertainment center built to house your television, DVR/DVD players, game consoles, and all of their accessories. Keep everything organized while hiding cables and wires.


Everyone works differently; why not create a desk that works for you? Whether you need a larger work surface, extra outlets or USB hubs, more storage, or just want the drawers over there, a custom desk can make you more efficient, and work – if not “fun,” exactly – at least more pleasant.


Bunk beds, daybeds, four-poster canopy beds…they’re all common, but beds can be so much more than a rectangle you lose consciousness on every night. Consider all of the unused space under most beds. That’s an excellent spot to store extra sheets and blankets, out-of-season clothes, even another bed for sleepovers! Or get creative with the headboard and have shelving, cabinets, reading lamps, charging stations, etc. built right in.

Other Furniture

Variations on the theme of “cabinet” can include chests, buffets, wardrobes, and dressers. And if you leave off the sides, you have a table.

Custom-made furniture gives you more options in materials, finishes, and style, and is a perfect complement to the way you live and work and play.


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