15 December 2015

Hosting a Grad Party? Now Is the Time to Start Remodeling!

mn home remodeling services before graduation partiesYes, we realize the snow has barely begun to fall, and that Christmas is just around the corner. So how is it you’re supposed to set all that aside and start thinking about next summer? Well, if your teenager is graduating from high school at the end of this school year and you’re planning on hosting a grad party, you need to start making some decisions today.

Ask Yourself These Questions

For instance, do you want this party to memorable for both your grad and your guests? Do you want your home looking just as you want it to, impressing family, friends and others? Do you want to ensure that your home has enough room to entertain? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then now is the time to start considering if your home is in the right shape for your grad and guests.

Custom Remodeling Projects Take Time

We are no strangers to the phone calls from customers asking for last-minute help with kitchen remodels and family room remodeling projects. The truth is, a proper remodeling project takes time to plan and execute, especially when it comes down to custom cabinetry projects such as:

The actual length of your renovation project varies depending on the type and size of your project. But the process remains the same no matter which way you go. It includes:

  •       Developing and finalizing a design
  •       Identifying all project materials
  •       Working with your project manager
  •       Building your custom cabinets
  •       Demolishing your current cabinets
  •       Installing your new cabinets
  •       Cleaning up and signing off

What One Thing Would You Change Before Hosting Your Child’s Grad Party?

We’re interested to hear what tops your pre-graduation home renovation list. So share your thoughts on your top remodeling project with us on Facebook . Or, if you’ve completed a pre-grad party project, pin your pics and share them with us on Pinterest.

Photo credit:  Graduation by Andrew Schwegler (some rights reserved)

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