Artisan Cabinet Company is dedicated to creating beautiful, custom cabinetry and furniture specifically for your home. We build our cabinetry to match your home’s personality and your family’s tastes. Our process is very important to us because we start and end with your home. Take a look at the steps that we will go through together to create your cabinetry or furniture:

01-in-home-consultation1. In-Home Consultation

We begin with your home. You will schedule a time when one of our consultants will come into your home and see the room where the cabinetry will be installed. During this meeting, we will discuss design elements and ideas. If you have any special requests, we recommend that you make them in this meeting. We will also do some basic logistic planning. We will create a rough budget and timeline for the project.

02-in-home-consultation2. In-Office Consultation

During the in-office consultation, we will have a deeper discussion about the budget and timeline. We will show you a much more detailed design for your cabinetry. The designs are usually finalized in this meeting. If the designs are finalized, we will be able to give an accurate proposal. If the designs are not finalized, the proposal will be more of an estimate.

03-design-finalization3. Design Finalization

If the designs are not finalized in the in-office consultation, we will then schedule a second meeting to ensure that the client is completely pleased with their custom cabinetry design. During this meeting, we will be able to give the client an accurate proposal.

04-construction4. Construction

Our master woodworker will then build your custom cabinetry and furniture according to the designs that you and the consultant created together. Our woodworker does all of his work in a state-of-the-art workshop with some of the finest tools currently on the market.

05-installation5. Installation

Once your cabinetry or furniture is completed, our installation team will meet with our woodworker and your consultant. The team will be instructed exactly how the cabinetry should look in your home and any special requirements that need to be met. Our team will then come and install the cabinetry or furniture into your home. Our team will always be respectful of our clients’ homes. They will always dress and act professionally.

During any part of the process, feel free to ask us any question you may have. We want to make sure that we are meeting your needs, and that you absolutely love your custom cabinetry. To get started on the process, give us a call today!