10 March 2020

What Are Custom Cabinets?

As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in my cabinet shop, using a 2-footstep stool as a chair, and a work bench as desk. Looking around, I am thinking how much I love the smell of wood, how grateful I am, and about what it means to me to be a custom cabinet maker.

Why are custom cabinets important to your remodel?

Custom cabinets can be made to be unique to your remodeling space, style, and personality.

When working on the design of your cabinets, often an interior designer is involved, partnering with you to understand your needs, wants, design ideas, etc.

You might have heard that custom cabinets can really fill out every inch of your space, which is true, but I feel that it goes deeper than that. It’s all about building quality, getting to know you, and building a unique space for you.

This uniqueness that come with only your remodel is hard to replicate with cabinets coming off an assembly line.

Why is it that no two cabinet-makers are the same?

This is the million-dollar question. I can tell you that cabinets are not always the same. The materials that are used are important when discussing the quality of your cabinets. Some of these qualities will not be apparent at first, but they will become very apparent when your cabinets are being used.

Cabinet Construction

Our cabinets are built with three-quarter inch materials for the entire cabinet: front, back, and sides. Using three-quarter inch material is not all that common.

Over the years your cabinets will be faced with a lot of wear and tear, and three-quarter inch material will simply hold up better.

Some cabinets are even built without backs. Yes, in 2020 this is still happening! The only reason I can think of to explain why this is happening is to cut costs.


The type of drawers and hardware used also vary from cabinet maker to cabinet maker. Look for cabinets with dovetailed drawer boxes, made from maple, with full extension and soft-close hardware.

Some lower-quality drawer boxes will be made of materials like white melamine, assembled with staples. Once again, this is most likely a decision made to cut costs.


The style of your cabinetry is just as important as the build. When it comes to style you have a lot of options, and these options can be mixed and matched in your kitchen; you do not have to pick just one style.

Some style options you might have are:

  • Frameless full overlay
  • Inset
  • European inset
  • Framed cabinets with ½”, ¾” overlay

These styles, along with the ins-and outs of wood specie, painted vs. stained cabinets, etc. would take a great deal of time to discuss in adequate detail, and may be mentioned in future blog posts. If you are needing new cabinetry in your home, give us a call at 612.306.4064. We are able to design and build custom cabinets to fit your needs and wants.

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